I heard a dog yelping in pain, and a woman shouting.  I looked with alarm towards the noise and saw pools of bright red blood at the bottom of the escalator. Like the red circle.  A beautiful black labrador puppy had got its foot caught in one of the grills. Reading this gave me a sound that were coming out loud and also made me nauseous.  Me too, even when I think about it now.  This is like the involuntary recollection of sensation described by Proust. This terrified me to the point of feeling sick.


To one end of the space there were two trees flanking two stone pillars, like those at a gate.  Both the trees’ trunks had split in two.  On the one, they intertwined, and on the other they had grown apart.  The sun shone a soft and dappled light on the one that embraced itself, while shadow fell across the second.  I walked up to the intertwined trunk and felt its smooth and undulating bark, noticing some had peeled away.


I stopped in my tracks at the sight of a thin wire strung between two trees at throat level.  I took in a breath of air, cooling and opening the back of my larynx.  I was a little alarmed.  What was this?  Could it be a garrotte?  Was it to hinder the path of animals? Traps that makes one aware of the area There were several like this: two thin tree trunks connected by tightly pulled wire. It was screwed into one, and bound around the other.  I wondered if it was an initiative for the proper growth of trees.  It was as though one tree held the other; the strong supporting the weak.  I looked down and saw that it was not two trees, but a single tree attached to a large branch, for there were no roots at the bottom of the smaller trunk.( Her it is a tree but the tree has been uprooted/ broken where their roots are still in the grown or they have decayed away in relation to wind storms and sickness in the trees.  Like the psyche; unconscious things, roots buried underground.  In childhood maybe something is damaged.  Maybe it gets broken by trauma later in life.


I followed the path out, between the two pillars.  A bower of parallel trees created a walkway to and from the clearing.  Something caught my attention, and I remained in the sunlight.  Pale pink origami birds were fluttering in the breeze.  They were attached to the branches of the trees.  Each one had two eyes drawn onto it in black biro.  This reminded me of the moths that have markings of eyes on their wings, as if to ward away other creatures with their stare.  Yet the colour was more that of rose petals.  I could not imagine these being intended to represent those creatures of the night; circulating in and out of our peripheral vision and casting flickering shadows across the light.




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