Caring – I am sure you mean carrying.  But carrying is often an act of care.  There is a word in Welsh: cariad – it means dearest, or cherished one, the person you care for most.  In Norwegian there is a similar word: kjæreste.  I think they are connected Words. About language and interpretation.  What do the mistakes show us? Cariad/caring/carrying and happen/happens/skjer. Your work, my perception, your perception, my work.  These are perceptions revealed in the language we use, and how we use it, and perceptions relating to the work itself, the view that you give me from the artwork.  It is like a window into your world of perceptions.  I thought that writing would be a way for me to understand other people’s work, and for them to understand it more for themselves.  I have discovered it is more than that.  It is a way to discover about myself.

“Jeg lever i en verden av andres ord og hele mitt liv er en orientering i denne.”   Mikhail Bakhtin.


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