Many things happens in the woods 16th September 2014; visit to Ytre Arna

We followed the mossy steps leading up and away from the asphalt road, ( I remember that you like the word asphalt in Norwegian “asfalt”. When I now look at the word, it makes me think of   as  = som  and to fall “har falt” gravitasjon to a center.)  Suddenly the steps seemed to disappear, and we found ourselves standing in amidst the bald and curling leaves of dying rhododendrons, and other rambling roots tangling between our ankles.  It looked like there might be some steps again further up.  My vision was blinded by the sunlight, but I trusted that it was so, although I could not really see. We made our way through the shrub, watching our footsteps and judging as best we could where the land lay beneath the foliage.  We forged a meandering track built by uncertain footsteps; sometimes stumbling, sometimes slipping.  At times it seemed as though the path had already been trodden. Other times there was no sign of anyone ever having gone that way before.  It was strange to have this sense of wilderness with a house so close by, and also to have these vanishing steps which seemed so purposely to lead into it.


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